Three Types Of Water Damage

When you experience a flood, you should know what kind of water you are dealing with. Read on to learn the three different types of water damage and how to deal with them as a homeowner. When it comes to water damage, there are three types of water conditions that professionals use to determine how to approach clean up and restoration. It can also alert homeowners to the safety of these conditions. If you own your own home, or even if you’re a tenant of an apartment of house, it’s important to know what different kinds of water there are and how to properly deal with them before professionals are brought in.

The first kind of water is referred to as clean water. This type of water damage is generally when a clean waterline breaks in your home or your have a leaking air conditioning unit. This kind of water poses no threat to your health because the water is clear of contaminants. It can still be difficult to deal with. If you have a clean water leak or flooding in your home, make sure to turn off the source of public water to your home to stop further water damage. If you have a leaking air conditioning unit, make sure to empty the pan and turn off the unit until professionals can address the clean up and the AC repair.

The second category of water is refereed to as grey water. A good example of grey water is rain water. When a drain pipe bursts or you have a roof leak that causes rainwater to enter your home, you have grey water damage on your hands. This water most likely contains chemical, biological, or physical contaminants in it that could cause you or a family member to get sick. Generally, homeowners that decide to work with this kind of damage end up with a gastrointestinal virus, making you feel very uncomfortable for several days. It’s best to limit your contact with this type of water and leave it to the professionals to take care of.

The last category is the most dangerous type of water damage to deal with. Black water can range from raw sewerage to extensive mold growth. When you have this type of problem in your home, it is best to avoid all contact with the water. Professional contractors will have safety gear in order to take care of the problem without serious health risks. Black water is considered an emergency, so try and find a company that will come out to deal with the damage right away. Make sure to keep your entire family, including pets, away from the damage so they stay safe.

Once you know how to identify the kind of water damage you are dealing with, you can know how to best handle a situation. Make sure that you express what type of problem you’re having to the extraction and clean up company you are working with so that they are better equipped to address your problem immediately.